Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Blues

I papped this lovely lady, Anna, in the Meadows today. She had a wicked bouncy hair cut, from Patterson's on George Street, Edinburgh. A third year abroad student from the US, studying Classics, as well as costume designer for Edinburgh University theatre bedlam, this girl was well travelled and well in theme for the wedding mania, with a royal blue Jean skirt with the outline of a princess like cameo on the front. She then revealed this gem of a skirt was actually free, having picked it up from a "Free Bin" from the local laundry room at her hometown University, Mount Holy-Oke College, Massachussets. The bins are set up purposefully here I assume in case you are washing something and it shrinks. Amazing idea I think. Britain seems to not be that into laundry places anymore, which is a shame as I always had this amazing dream of making a laundry buddy like in the Holywood movies, when I started University. I got so excited when moving into halls about my potential laundry friend that I harassed  everyone I bumped into there.

EDINBURGH- Anna, The Meadows, 30.04.11
Anna wears: Top, Salvation Army, Forrest Road, Edinburgh. Jacket, Open Air market, Rome. Belt, Savers, Colorado. Skirt, For Free, Laundry room. Shoes, Rome. Watch, Armstrongs.

Just found out Anna is costume designer for The conference of the Birds,  a theatre Paradok show on in the Fringe in August! So worth checking that one out.

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