Thursday, February 24, 2011


Vivi! Not only has she gone all rainbow on us, rainbow faces, rainbow shoes... even pink degraded hair was out. The socks were given a lot detail, adding to the punk-rock chic look. I especially like the multicoloured boots and coat which remind me of the plastic punk shoes you can buy in Camden.

Diane Von Fustenberg and Gucci

When ever I see fashion with a 70s twist it reminds me of how much I wish I could pull this off on a daily basis. In a way its like going back to the classics, Big fur coat, big sunglasses, tan boots, and sometimes a bit of a ruffle and some sheerness here and there. Diane Von Fustenberg gets it just right on her new Spring 2011 show, using very strong yet matt colours. No shininess here, everything remains quite dark and sophisticated. I love the dark green and plum purples, and the long black goth dresses with a twist. As she puts it, the girls exude seriousness whilst retaining "panache". Looking at the shows best pieces, you can see how New York would be the best place to show these.

Gucci also emulates this look perfectly

Of course it would be impossible to dismiss her show without mentioning the beautifull prints. My mum recently gave me a Diane skirt she no longer wears which, like man of Diane's clothes had a slit in the front which made it slightly too revealing for everyday wear. The skirt it beautifull for the print which stands out among everything.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

I have been in revision mode for the past week which means my life revolves around walking back and fourth to the library, not very exciting at all. My notes are quite colourfull and being left-handed, I tend to get a huge smear of feltips on my hand, after having rubbed off my notes. I then wondered if there are nail varnishes in the same look?Model Masha Novoselova channels it perfectly here

Rainbow hair

Meadham Kirchhoff went all out this s/s turning a blind eye to the straight cut lines of other shows and bulldozing the place with pastels, bright yellows and reds, emphasising feminine shapes, a huge contrast from their previous goth lace work.

                                                             Meadham Kirchhoff s/s 2011

I then found this website called vampy varnish, and it just blew me away. Can't really think of anything better then edible nail varnish.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Edie Sedgwick.

There is a trend occuring, when headscarving, to put on excessive make up as well, for an all round look-at-me look. This can ruin the whole point of making the scarf look like it's just magically fallen on our head and tied itself up for the just-got-out-of-bed look. But there is a reason behind this, as when you cover your hair, you are hiding a huge part of what defines you, and so you feel the need to make up for it. You end up with a fresh new face, where suddenly you feel bare and vulnerable, so you make-up-accessorize like mad. If you are opting for an Hermes/Audrey Hepburn look, you can exude sophisticatedness in seconds with red lips. If you are opting for a hippy/at-one-with-the-earth look, you can look serene and natural with excessive beads and bracelets. If you just want to look ultra cool, you just go neon mad, as designer Danielle Scutt did in spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection:

Monday, February 7, 2011

The 60s

I was talking to my 67 year old wise man/friend of the memories he must have, having lived through the 60s. He quickly took the opportunity to point out how the 60s was not all flowers peace and love, and there was only a few people enjoying that lifestyle, he certainly wasn't. I thought it was extremely amusing how to heart he felt on the subject. It's funny how sometimes one thing can represent so much from a moment in time and yet it can also completely misrepresent it. The 60s was a time of change and breaking away from the like mother like daughter attitude to dressing, rather then a loving for anything colorful.

Grace Coddington in Nina Ricci, 1965. Not yet a mini. She is now the really eccentric fun Red Head woman we see in The September Issue.

The history behind miniskirts can be dated back to post war feminist movements, which allowed hemlines to be pushed up to just below the knee for practicality. And then something beautiful happened. With the Likes of Mary Quant and Andre Courrege, the miniskirt was born...

Twiggy, 1965.

Andre Courreges renovated how we perceive clothes, putting more emphasis on the idea of conceptualizing clothes as art pieces rather then looking at clothes as an attire. The new lengths to which mankind had reached, was paralleled in his sci-fi esque clothes ware, which still kept its high-end Parisian chicness.

 Pierre Cardin was well into the notion of space-show fashion.

                                                             The Bubble dress, 1954.

The seriousness of the models  catwalking on a rooftop, makes the whole scene very amusing.

Mary Quant, mixed a revolutionary fashion ideology with a new sense of practicality and affordability. This was no longer high-end but rather a movement, establishing a difference between fashion of young free-spirited open minded woman.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leather Leather Leather

Balmain A/W 09-10 Coventry A/W 09-10

                                                                   YSL A/W 09-10

                                                                         RTW 2011

Everyone loves a bit of leather. I think Hermes were in the right track for this look, what with the riding attire, leather whip in hand.



Friday, February 4, 2011


Brand Evil Twin is a very fun label, channeling the punk rock look with bright colours. This leapord print is seen on jesse J's new video "money", which is pretty catchy and also a bit of fun, and my flatmate Charlotte.  The new line is more american cowboy, keeping the fun edge.