Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Blues

I papped this lovely lady, Anna, in the Meadows today. She had a wicked bouncy hair cut, from Patterson's on George Street, Edinburgh. A third year abroad student from the US, studying Classics, as well as costume designer for Edinburgh University theatre bedlam, this girl was well travelled and well in theme for the wedding mania, with a royal blue Jean skirt with the outline of a princess like cameo on the front. She then revealed this gem of a skirt was actually free, having picked it up from a "Free Bin" from the local laundry room at her hometown University, Mount Holy-Oke College, Massachussets. The bins are set up purposefully here I assume in case you are washing something and it shrinks. Amazing idea I think. Britain seems to not be that into laundry places anymore, which is a shame as I always had this amazing dream of making a laundry buddy like in the Holywood movies, when I started University. I got so excited when moving into halls about my potential laundry friend that I harassed  everyone I bumped into there.

EDINBURGH- Anna, The Meadows, 30.04.11
Anna wears: Top, Salvation Army, Forrest Road, Edinburgh. Jacket, Open Air market, Rome. Belt, Savers, Colorado. Skirt, For Free, Laundry room. Shoes, Rome. Watch, Armstrongs.

Just found out Anna is costume designer for The conference of the Birds,  a theatre Paradok show on in the Fringe in August! So worth checking that one out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I bike, therefore I am

 You parade them with pride. Wether its a Fuji, Peugot or a tattered old thing, people get attached to their bikes like an owner to its dog.
LONDON- Pierre, Kensal Rise, 25/05/11
Pierre: Bike, Fuji.

EDINBURGH- Margot and Jona, Outside Main Library, 27/05/11
Margot: Bike, Peugot. 
Jona, Bike, Some swanky shop:"It's from Holland, and its called a Koga Miyata, so its dutch and Japanese"


Long skirts are in. Its the classy and sophisticated granny look. Granny's always know best.

Julia and Olivia- Outside Coop, 23-05-11
Olivia: Skirt, India.
Julia: Skirt, Rusty Zip.
EDINBURGH- Georgina, Nile Valley, 27-05-11
Georgina wears: Jacket, Levis. Top, Topshop . Skirt, Armstrongs.  Shoes, Vans. Bag, Tesco Value.

Warhol's Muse

I have long been a fan of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse. Her bob cut hair, brilliantly bold eyebrows and last but not least her penchant for big over-the-top earrings. Vikki's earrings reminded me of her, with added punk  eccentricity as when you look closer her earrings are holding metal skull heads. Rose is rocking more of an african vibe, (as talked about in African Flava post), with her beaded green and brown hoopy dangly earrings, plated hair and studs.
EDINBURGH- Viki,  Nile Valley, 27/05/11
 EDINBURGH- Rose, Main Library, 28/05/11

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tailored Tricks

Overdressed? Underdressed? One way not to ever be in turmoil is to double whammy both. A tailored tweed jacket always makes a presentable statement, coupled with pastel jeans this outfit keeps its cool and quirky side, as seen on Humphrey Wood. Alice's light ruby cotton jacket with rolled up sleeves, over a dark evening dress with a long pendant, black berret and thick tights gives her a dark and mysterious but oh so intriguing appearance. 
EDINBURGH- Humphrey, George Square, 20/05/11

Humphrey: Jacket, Armstrongs. Badge, Protest, London. Shirt, Squire, Shrewsberry. Trousers, Uniqlo. Shoes, Vans. Glasses, Specsavers. Hair, Sip and Snip at the Forest.

EDINBURGH- Alice, The Bunker, 20/05/11
Alice: Jacket, Camden. Dress, Camden. Look, Camden. x

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crochet, I told you this rocks my socks

EDINBURGH- Gregor and Virginia, George Square, 20/05/11
The coolest kids on the block

Virginia: Dress, Topshop sale 5 pounds! Shoes, ASOS. Leggings, Zara. ballet Leotard. H&M Jacket. 
Gregor: T-shirt, Australia, ARIANA. Trousers, H&M. Shoes, Kurt Geiger. Haircut, Boom Barbers, Edinburgh.

African Flava

Gwen's Label L.A.M.B has always used a bit of an african print in her designs. This is not always an easy look to pull off, the colored patterns are strong and vibrant and head to toe print doesn't always look as good on. African influence on the catwalk was a major theme back in spring 2008, with Junya Watanabe's famous floor length dresses and fantastic head baskets. It is to no surprise then that Mathew Williamson would take note and make extortionately priced scarves in blues, yellows and print frenzy. Emma, below, shows us how to rock this look, with her psychedelic print scarf bought in a flee market in Kenya.
L.A.M.B Gwen Stefani SS 2011

Junya Watanabe S/S 2008

EDINBURGH- Emma, The Bunker, 20/04/11
Emma: Jacket, All Saints. Necklace, Ethiopan Cross. Scarf, Kenya. Shoes, Primark
One of Marc Jacob's renown scarves.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leggings and stuff

These two lovely ladies made my day.
EDINBURGH- Caroline and Jas, The Meadows, 19/05/11
Caroline: Broach: Great Aunt. Cardi, Topshop. Shirt dress, Topshop. Bag, Crafty shop in Castle Douglas. 
Jas: Jumper, armstrong. Leggins, Urban Outfitters. Bag, Flee market in Berlin. Hair cut, Medusa, Teviot road.

EDINBURGH- Alice, The bunker, 20/04/2011
 ALice- Bag, Mulberry. Shoes, Doc Martens, 3 pounds from a charity shop! Dress, Charity Shop.Leggings,Primark.Coat, GAP.

Leggings are great, they can really make an outfit wild and funkily-fresh. I especially like the oversized jumper look here that Jas is rocking. The Baby Blue Doc Martens, Vibrant red dress and Flower power dress rocked by Alice below is just great too. Other leggings that rock it up big style: D&G and Victor and Wolf for crazy patterns Henry Hollandesque prints, Rodarte for class.

D&G Fall 2011

 Victor and Wolf, SS 2008
Maxi Monochrome  and Mini multicolour bag to fit. Hilarious

Rodarte, SS 2008
Diamond frenzy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Leather Love

When wearing leather, you gotta have the side look pose. Apparently.
EDINBURGH- George, Quartermile, 18/05/11
George: Leather Jacket, Vintage. Shoes, New. Charmant.
EDINBURGH- Sarah, The bunker, 18/05/11
Sarah: Jacket, not sure.

Summer Times

So summer arrived swiftly, for one day only (we are in Edinburgh after all). There seemed to be much confusement of what to wear. Tights or not? Leggings? or maybe socks?

EDINBURGH- Ogabogga, The Meadows, 17/05/11
OgaBogga: Opted for tights. This is because her "Dress" from  Topshop is actually a size 16 top but she is in denial about this. It is a little short. Shoes, Mums. Tights, M&S. 

EDINBURGH- Magda and Janusz, The Quartermile, 17/05/11
Magda: Jumper, Zara. Trousers, Zara. Glasses, Ray Ban. Bag, thrift shop. 
Janusz: Top, HnM, Jeans, Zara.
EDINBURGH- Elenine and Clementine (great names!), The Meadows, 17/05-11
Elenine; Dress, Norweigan shop, Indisco. Coat, Maison Scots. Scarf, Grenada. 
Clementine: Dress, Madras. Scarf, Sri Lanka. Gloves, Venice. Leather Jacket, Dad. Shoes, Natural shoe store. Socks, Antipast, Japan.
EDINBURGH- Jenni, aka little ladybird, George square, 17/05/11
Jenni: Dress, H&M. Smile, priceless.
EDINBURGH- Simone, The Meadows, 17/05/11
Simone: Bag, Mulberry. Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters. Necklace My aunt. Shoes, vintage.
EDINBURGH- Ana, Quartermile, 17/05/11
Ana: Shirt, vintage, Romania. Leather Jacket, All Saints SALE!Leggings, H&M. From Amy! From India, Just got it today, like an hour ago. Shoes, converse.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


EDINBURGH- Ayumi, Forrest Road, 15/04/11
AKA: The cutest funniest wittiest girls ever.
Ayumi Tomari: Jumper, vintage. Bag, Rusty Zip. Shoes, Doc Martens.

It seems as though Fruits are making a comeback. Im a huge fan of fruit, especially bananas, a la Prada. I imagine Prada bananas are something else! Stella's Oranges also look juicy, although they come at a price. I am a bit bananas sometimes.
Stella McCartney S/S 2011
Prada. S/S 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011


EDINBURGH- Jamie Allinson, George Square, 15/05/11
JAMIE- Hat, charity shop in stockbridge. Jacket, armstrongs, Socks, Christmas present. Shoes, Jenners.
EDINBURGH- Roxane (me), George square, 15/04/11
 Cardigan, London. Shoes, LK Bennet. Jumpsuit, Flatmates, charity shop. Necklace, brother. Glasses, Cannes.
EDINBURGH- Aki Nakayama, George Square, 15/04/11
Jumper, River Island. Trousers, Uniclo. Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes, Rome. Scarf, Japan.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coulour Blocking, Tartan Scotland Bunker Black

             EDINBURGH- Julia and Samwise, the Meadows, 15/05/11 
The perfect attire for a walk in sunny meadows.
Julia Coat: Zara, Edinburgh. Shoes, Ben Simon, Paris
Samwise  Coat:Womans Duffle, not sure where from actually.                                                

 EDINBURGH- Sophie and Nick, George Square, 15/05/11
Scottish Students.
Nick Shirt: Italian supermarket. Glasses: shop in Stoke Newington  (Asquarawa?). Trousers: HnM

Sophie Scarf: Frans, Accessorize. Shirt: Urban  Outfitters. Shoes: Beyond Retro Mens Section (Stokholm). Bag: Stokholm 

EDINBURGH- Charlotte, Quartermile, 15/05/11

 EDINBURGH- Fran and Michael, Outside microlabs, 15/05/11
Dark and Dramatic
Charlotte: Dress, Topshop. Scarf, India. Wallet, Osprey. Shoes, Kurt Geiger.
Michael: Coffee, Peter's Yard.


D&G S/S 2011

I just love the flowers!
OLIVIA FLOYER (Aka flowerrrr< get it?)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Culotte or not to Culotte

EDINBURGH- Alice, outside Microlabs (aka the bunker),13/04/2011
Culotte, somewhere uber cool I am sure

EDINBURGH- Hannah, Peter's Yard, 13/04/11
Culotte: Rusty Zip, Edinburgh
EDINBURGH- Margot, The Quartermile, 18/05/11
Culotte: Charity shop.
You can never go wrong with a good pair of Culotte, they never go out of fashion because they were never in fashion in the first place. So no faux-pas here possible, it's not like accidentally showing off the wrong part of your midriff (apparently upper midriff is where its at, smallest part of you body so make the most of it), or worse, wearing skinny jeans when it's all about the seventies wide-legged look. Embrace the CULOTTE, it can't go wrong, although being such powerful statements I am taking note of these two stylish Edinburgh Students and keeping the rest clean and classic with a high-neck black jumper, thick black tights, and sleek back hair.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trompe L'Oeil

My friend Maddie showed me this blog which became a world-wide phenomenom where you post artistic pictures of yourself. There are some quite phenomenal ones which I cannot post due to copyright reasons but they are worth checking out,, although some of these are quite crude so this website is not for the faint hearted. A lot of these pictures show body art in its brightest colour. I recently got a daisy tattoed on my hip so this is of extreme interest in my life right now. Tattoos were once regarded a criminal affair, but now they have become as standard  as Chanel's Trompe L'oeil back in 2010, where you paid to get Channel literally branded on you, temporarily of course. A pop up shop was even created in Selfridges to furfill the likes of Lily Allen among other Chanel muses with chains and beads.

Steven Meisel  shot some beautifull photographs back in 2007 for Vogue Italia with women covered in temporary tattoos. With Spring coming once again,  its ironic to think this tattoo trend at this time, when you have waited all year to finally bare some skin, to cover it all up again.