Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is just GREAT. Mark Fast may not be loved by everyone but he definetly makes knitting look sensational.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I went to the Edinburgh Vintage fair in Leith this weekend, people selling vintage at high prices. Even jumpers can jump from 2 pounds bought in a charity shop to 20 in a fair, what with the right layout and the right type of clients to buy it. I am that client, i bought it.
Actually, worse. i bought a flamenco dress, because, of course, this is soo practical in my everyday biology laboratory work attire. NOTE: we are mid-march and it snowed this morning, the dress does not really allow for even tights or a jumper, not even a 20 pound vintage jumper.
And a D&C lime green scarf, D&C not D&G. This scarf was a must to go with the lime green checked skirt, all just because i decided to watch clueless just before going. Although i doubt clueless girls had to worry about walking back at 1 am in the hail/snow with ladders in their extra small tights which they stole from their flatmate due to lack of laundry, not realizing their skirt had risen up due to the nylon underlining sticking to the tights,  revealing a little too much to the men standing outside the pubic triangle (aka strip club corner), fuck. At least those girls are getting paid.

There is something quite attractive in the spanish flamencoesque dresses though, the dress itself makes you want to jump up and dance, what with all the ruffles. Its also quite a powerful look, vibrant red lips, khalo-esque big black eyebrows, slick back hair, and ofcourse the red dress.
                                                     Sophie Theallet Spring 2011 RTW

                                                               Gucci Fall 2011 RTW

                                    SIMOF 2011 (International Flamenco Fashion Show):