Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer Times

So summer arrived swiftly, for one day only (we are in Edinburgh after all). There seemed to be much confusement of what to wear. Tights or not? Leggings? or maybe socks?

EDINBURGH- Ogabogga, The Meadows, 17/05/11
OgaBogga: Opted for tights. This is because her "Dress" from  Topshop is actually a size 16 top but she is in denial about this. It is a little short. Shoes, Mums. Tights, M&S. 

EDINBURGH- Magda and Janusz, The Quartermile, 17/05/11
Magda: Jumper, Zara. Trousers, Zara. Glasses, Ray Ban. Bag, thrift shop. 
Janusz: Top, HnM, Jeans, Zara.
EDINBURGH- Elenine and Clementine (great names!), The Meadows, 17/05-11
Elenine; Dress, Norweigan shop, Indisco. Coat, Maison Scots. Scarf, Grenada. 
Clementine: Dress, Madras. Scarf, Sri Lanka. Gloves, Venice. Leather Jacket, Dad. Shoes, Natural shoe store. Socks, Antipast, Japan.
EDINBURGH- Jenni, aka little ladybird, George square, 17/05/11
Jenni: Dress, H&M. Smile, priceless.
EDINBURGH- Simone, The Meadows, 17/05/11
Simone: Bag, Mulberry. Jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters. Necklace My aunt. Shoes, vintage.
EDINBURGH- Ana, Quartermile, 17/05/11
Ana: Shirt, vintage, Romania. Leather Jacket, All Saints SALE!Leggings, H&M. From Amy! From India, Just got it today, like an hour ago. Shoes, converse.

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