Saturday, November 24, 2012


Check this out:

Radi-Aid: Africa has united to send radiators to Norway to help them through the cold winter. They even have a celebrity sing-a-long!

But it's fake. 

A coalition of aid organisations in Norway wanted to bring attention to the misrepresentation of Africa in the media, so they created this fake campaign to give us all a taste of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a condescending, shallow, pointless, feel good charity campaign.

A successful campaign in my opinion, where the end product is instantly engaging.

It’s true: we tend to generalise Africa as a continent that suffers, 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grimes Grime

Grimes Genesis, recently discovered, inspiring Halloween costume choice #1.

Grimes - Genesis Still

Grimes - Genesis

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paradise by Way of Kensal Green

Paradise by way of Kensal Green is a spacious award winning gastro-pub and bar in the heart of up-and-coming Kensal Rise, offering all round entertainment. With its chilled out ambient music, bohemian inspired décor with high ceilings, luscious chandeliers, vintage lights, lamps and draped curtains, this is not your typical local.

 The bar is separated from the restaurant at the back on the ground floor, serving quality high end locally sourced food and wine. On the first floor the dimly lit bar and dance room, is open on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays for live music and club nights, with special events to look out for on their website. The Comedy night on Wednesday offers a nice mid-week break. The cozy terrace gardens found on both floors, decorated with overflowing plants and mosaics, allow for a nice break from the crowd and views of the neighborhood. A new addition is the karaoke room, which you can book for private parties.

Paradise is always bustling with an edgy crowd of all ages in a relaxed environment, everyone just ready to have a good time and dance the night away to electro/disco pop, with even the hipsters of Notting Hill taking the time to pass by.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Agyness Inspirations

Wool was big in the 50s up till the 70's. Once a staple clothing material, the use of wool declined massively and it's only in the last few years that it has started making a strong comeback, with luxury fashion's new found love of formalwear and knitwear. 2012 was the year of tweed, with catwalks at Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Michael Kors all favouring it over more clumsy materials.

And it makes sense really, with the knitting trend that took over London by storm (they have gone mad for Wool parties in NY now too, with the launch of Wool and the Gang going stateside), it very much fits with the androgenous big wooly jumper and tight leggings look that Agyness Deyn was made so famous from, which she pairs well with her checked dresses and playsuits. And it makes any summery dress look that little bit more edgy, and also last through winter.
For key pieces that fit with the wool trend, just check out Wandering Mind's knitwear selection, for a mixture of tightly fitting wool jumpers and Aggy-style checked shift Dresses, for that quintessentially British effect.

Aggy in her grey Cable jumper
Belted girly jumper-dress combo
Aggy in her own collection

Agyness Deyn in Stella McCartney Wool Jumper, 2011
Model Olivia wearing Wandering Minds Dress
Wandering Minds Grey Jumper over Summer Dress

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's All WHITE

White is the best colour to show off your tan. I don't tan very well so white is actually the only colour which shows I have changed colour, mainly a reddish pink. The weather sucks here in London, but there are ways of working around this. I am not a huge fan of distinguishing between different seasons and what and what not to wear, if a dress suits you, there is always a way to make sure you can wear it the day you want to wear it, even if it is white. I really really like what Simone Rocha came out with at Autumn/Winter London Fashion week, a mixture of bold colours, focusing on white above all, and an eclectic mix of shapes with a lace finish, which can suit any season. Coupled with bulky lace-ups and long eye-covering fringes (this is not a must, I do like to see), she has ticked the right box for getitng through the end of this beautiful London summer. Wandering Minds designer Beny & Hizzin offer a Simone Rocha-esque capsule collection with whiter than white lace dresses and shorts to tickle your fancy.

Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others

Like every Londoner, I am not a huge fan of pigeons. It's nice that, the magazine that champions creativity, have just brought to my attention the work of two Photographers, Julian Charrierre and Julius Von Bismarcke, who have managed to give them a new lease of life, and colour.  The piece is called Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others (note: they have actually been painted, it's not photoshop, and they were not harmed during the process.

Friday, June 29, 2012

McDonald's Canada Campaign

The best thing about social media is the chance it offers brands to connect with their fans and consumers in an honest, direct way. Traditional marketing is stripped away and engagement is achieved without losing respect or custom in a way you just can’t get with ATL advertising.

Here, McDonald’s Canada respond to a question from one of their fans on Twitter which asks: Why do the burgers in their pictures always look better than the burgers you get in your box?
 A lot of Managers would have a heart attack at the thought of showing consumers an honest, behind-the-scenes look at the way things work like this, but McDonald's have risked all by going for the blunt and honest route, and good on them. And the video has gone viral, received a huge amount of PR, and also, personally, makes me believe in the product more than ever.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


soko e1320152281252 Soko   I Thought I Was An Alien


Soko has finally released her debut-album I Thought I Was An Alien. Before this, she was well known for her hit single – I’ll Kill Her – released back in 2007. Her new album is really inspiring, a beautiful piece of music, mature and french and fun and cute.

On the opening track of the new album, Sokoinforms us that we will discover her through her songs, and surely enough, this is exactly what she does, all the way through, with explicit and vivid videos to fit.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

ToMax Talks Interview with Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman, Tessa Edwards and Jas MB

There was much anticipation in the room for the Alexandra Shulman interview with Tom at the ToMax talks: a room of 500 young women (and a few mums) eagerly awaiting to hear about the inspiring career of the British Vogue Editor of the last 20 years.

 Firstly though, we were introduced to Jas MB, a luxury handbag designer who told us his life story which started off in quite an unglamorous way; selling bags on the streets of India.  Out of sheer determination, love for handbag design and an eye for a niche gap in the market, Jas MB propelled himself into the heart of Paris Fashion week. Jas MB is not inspiring for his fashion sense, but for his savviness.  In 1993, Jas established himself as a pioneering accessories designer, creating the first DJ bag. They are now sold at Liberty in London.

Then Alexandra came up on stage. A woman of glamour and grace, Alexandra knows how to hold a crowd's attention. This is less for her fashion sense and more for her natural journalistic ease and approach to answering sometimes tricky questions from the crowd. One of these came from an older member of the crowd who asked Alexandra why the young generation of today do not have the same individualism and extroversion when it comes to fashion and style. This question, in a crowd of mainly 20-something very fashion-conscious women, could be tricky to answer, but Alexandra dealt with it in a very mature way. She reminded the woman that whilst it is perhaps true that fashion in the 70s might have been more daring, it is also important to remember that her memory of this period could also be somewhat skewed. Indeed what she thought was a London full of eccentric and creative fashion savvy kids, could also have seemed to the older generation like a room full of clones in flares. Alexandra also pointed out that by not being of the younger generation, they both would not necessarily be aware of what defined individualism.

On this note, I took a moment to look around the room. Yes, it seemed there was some truth in this statement. I could point out a lot of hair tied up in high buns, with died tips, skull earrings and black lace, black fur, black leather, black everything. However, the intricacies in how these were worn, the accessories these were paired with and a certain je ne sais quoi was still there. Recently, someone close to me pointed out that I am very quick to judge an outfit by whether it is vintage or high-street and that I don't even noticing I am doing it. I think this is the most important statement of all, rather than care what is in and what is not, what is outrageous and what is boring, what is Middleton and what is Moss, we should think what looks and feels good, what makes people happy and what works.

Alexandra continued by embracing the individualism of today which is coming out through new mediums, from fashion blogs to street style photography and the rise of the high-street trends. We are no longer in a high-end fashion world only open to very few. This can be transferred to her point on what sells. With the end of the supermodel era in the late 90s, magazines reverted to using Celebrities on their front covers. However, even this is proving to be increasingly difficult, with higher demand for money and more restrictions on who to use and how.  This does not always transpire in the same way when it is used in a fashion context. A famous popstar, such as Adele, who may be the best selling artist of the last few years, does not necessarily sell Vogue copies (turns out these were the worst ever selling Vogue Magazine). Is this surprising? No, Vogue remains a fashion magazine selling fashion, not faces, and Adele remains a voice.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail were quick to pick on Alexandra's statement, and dramatize this in a Daily-mail esque way. Sadly, Alexandra was not trying to cause controversy, but only pointing out that Fashion is a business, and the reason she is so successful is because she treats it as one. Still, we can be 99 percent sure that she is probably receiving hate mail from Adele's fans out there right now. Oh dear.

From the woman herself: "Fashion should not be elitist in any way, and every one should be part of it. Ultimately the fashion industry sells FANTASY, which remains an important motivator to move out of your comfort zone. DREAMS are more important, FANTASY is a niche, most fashion is about a version of yourself you wish to project". Alexandre is revolutionizing in her attitude and determined to change the industry for the better. Under her influence, Vogue has started a Health Initiative. This includes never using models under the age of 16 (thankfully), and trying as best they can to make sure all models are healthy and happy. As they only have their eyes as proof of this, it remains a hard task to achieve and a wider change in society would be needed to get it actually kicking off in any impact-full way. Vogue are however proud to announce that they have never published diet tips, or talked about being "too fat", and thus it is actually up to the press to change their ways.

And a final question from the audience; "Do you see Brands from Asia becoming more renowned in the future?"  Alexandra responds saying "Asia has become the biggest consumer of designer clothes. There are already many high-end Asian designers out there, who are yet to get the same attention as their European counterparts. These things take time, years even, to develop trust on design and quality with consumers". One thing not mentioned at the talk is the rise of many young Asian designers such as Grace Raiment as mentioned in my post below, who are really making an impact and creating beautiful capsule collections with class and a certain edge that give their collections a real awe inspiring appeal. Grace raiment's clothes can be bought online at British online store Wandering Minds, which specializes in getting these young International designers noticed.

Alexandra Shulman and Max

View of Room in Battersea

Roxane Haydon (me!), Harriet Kay and Olivia Floyer at ToMax Talks

Finally, we were treated to a very interesting video by Artist Tessa Edwards, covering the topics of fashion an fantasy. She also sells beautiful jewelry which you can buy on here website.

TeToMax Film by Tessa Edwards

Here is a video of the whole event:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview with Lady Lace at Relevant

Lady Lace! Where to start with this one, internationally educated creative art student turned burlesque dancer turned vintage shop owner, Lady Lace is the master of all alternative trades, and has the most brilliant humour, enthusiasm and go-getter attitude, you can't not love her.

I eagerly asked if I could interview the lovely Lady, as part of my first of many interviews following the 22 year old recession stressed "what are you up to now" generation. Let's be honest, we are all secretly stalking one another to find out what everyone is up to now... and there has been many interesting "ous and ahhs and wows" when talking about this Missy. 
So here it goes:

 1: Who are you? My name is Willow Hilson, but I usually go under my previous stage name of Lady Lace around here.

2: Where do you call home and what makes it special?  For the longest time I could not answer that question. I grew up in South East Asia between Singapore and Indonesia. So home was wherever my parents decided it to be. Now that I am older, I just associate home with where the sweetest cup of tea is, and right now that's Exeter.

3: What do you do? I am currently working on a new project, I have just recently hung my stockings up and decided that it was time  to run my own Vintage shop in Exeter. So here I am! There is a great gap in the market for affordable vintage and I think I have really got a good thing going on ! Relevant (on Twitter too!) is like the new step in my life.  Having been a Burlesque Dancer for so long, Its definelty a change from the hot spotlight of the stage. I like to Think Relevant offers a small city like Exeter the opportunity to broaden it's horizons and discover new things. Much like Exeter has done for me. From Vintage to Modern Fashion we cater for everything and everyone. The best part of Relevant is the pricing, you won't find more affordable when it comes to vintage !

4: Whats the best part of your day? I don't have a best part, I usually tend to just love everyday, the whole way through? From the moment the shop doors open till the moment they close. Every customer always comes in with a smile and the shop is always full of giggling ladies trying on outrageous outfits or perfect dress. Do you remember than scene from Narnia where they walk into the wardrobe? that is my average day with added coffee obviously !. You open the door, battled through clothes,  and then find the most amazing coat ! It's like a giant dress up box and everyone get's to join in !
5: Who are your role models? This is a hard question, I don't think you really need role models. Why be a cheap imitation when you can be a perfect original?

6: Where are your favorite hang out places? This is also a very hard question, it varies in my moods and my outfits. If I am going for more of a retro vintage inspired look I tend to lurk around  dark couches in the Bikeshed, it's the perfect bar for cocktails and interesting conversations.

Oh we do love her,

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Right so I have decided to take my blog into a new angle, and as you may remember I used to do Street Style fashion way back when I was still at Uni. This was extremely fun and very exciting, getting friends of friends starting to dress up just in case they bumped into me in the Library (I'm thinking of you Alice...), but it lacked a little depth ( a lot of depth, it was, purely, about the clothes). I have decided to go back to this idea, making the most of my London Town, and start Blogging about the lovely people I see and meet every day. My first post will be interviewing Burlesque Star turned Alternative Clothes shop owner Lady Lace. Watch this space.

Me, a musician.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grace Raiment and Wandering Minds

I'm the social media "aid" for Wandering Minds, and I love it. I have always had a love for seeking out the latest fashion trends and styles in and around my home town, London. Elisa has allowed this to expand on a much grander scale. Her trip to Asia has inspired us all to walk out of our London bubble and check out how they do it elsewhere, and my gosh are they experimental! As described earlier on the Wandering Minds blog, I'm the one that is good at getting overly excited and hyper, but Elisa is the one that gets things done. Currently I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think will give us the edge that makes us stand out from other online stores. Our focus is more on sharing the experience: highs and lows of a fahsion start-up. For this, we have collaborated with film school studuent Gaelle to create a behind the scenes video of our first ever photoshoot (soon to be released here), and we are also collaborating with a very cool group of London College of Fashion students to give you the behind the scenes coverage of our next shoot, which will have a more urban emphasis. I have had a sneak peek at the clothes which will form part of this new colllection and its hard for me to keep it all secret, all I can say for now is we have sleek-cuts and bold designs made from exceedingly good quality fabrics. Ok fine, so here are a few items we just had to share with you, check them out!
The description of the dress from the website says it all: " This white summer dress with thin red stripes is like a posh girl who's a sexy vixen deep down. The pleated skirt is its conservative, good girl side, while the deep neckline adds a beautifully seductive touch to this truly unique number. The high-quality cotton is slightly rigid but flexible so that the dress keeps its shape. Designed by Seoul-based young designer Grace Raiment, this very special dress will make boys and girls' heads turn, for different reasons."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Denny's column for Wandering Minds

Denny’s column - A gay guy’s guide to dress stylishly: khaki and navy hunting gear

by Denny Lv, Wandering Minds Web Analytics specialist.
I’m a big believer in the idea that truly stylish men and women essentially dress in the same way. The slightly utilitarian, posh hunter look is one of these looks that work brilliantly on both men and women. You can either go khaki or navy, depending on whether you want to go for the lion hunter or hot sailor look.
Back in January 2011, Elisa and I went on our first ‘routine’ Paris sales trip - she’d been doing that for years while I lost my Paris Winter Sales virginity on this occasion. We stopped at what would become our absolute favourite sales spot in Paris, the flagship APC store on Rue Madame. That year, Elisa and I both found great hunting clothes: I found a pair of slightly quirky but definitely lovely forest green trousers; Elisa got a great coat in the same colour, with a brown collar and brown leather buttons and detailing, which had a distinct I’m-on-my-way-to-shoot-foxes flavour, but in a cool way - despite James ‘Testino’ Haydon’s comment - our brilliant mathematical brain at Wandering Minds - that Elisa looked like a hunting dog in that coat.
Me, not being a big fan of girls who dress like pretty little dolls, love it when girls pull off casual looks like the ones pictures below. I’ve seen many uber-stylish girls - including our lovely CEO at wandering minds - wearing slightly oversized shirts/cardigans/jumpers either from their boyfriends or from products branded as “boyfriend’s [xx]”. I particularly like our navy spring parka at Wandering Minds - completely androgynous but oh-so-cute - in fact I could quite see myself wearing it. The shape and fit of menswear adds the perfect amount of ease and cool and perfect for creating off-duty looks for cool girls. In some occasion, men can also borrow their women’s wardrobe, which is more rare but can work equally brilliantly; Jonathan - see picture below - featured in one of my favourite sites - Hel looks - looks awesome wearing his girl friend’s ragged olive shorts. Good style is most definitely genderless.

Elisa in her APC hunting coat - Brick Lane, London

Oversized navy parkas are hot

Boyish parkas work brilliantly for women too. Navy Spring Parka, from Wandering Minds

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stylocrat: Leopard and Denim [mystyle]

Stylocrat: Leopard and Denim [mystyle]: While in New York last month, we visited the Met mostly for the Egyptian and Modern art. I loved seeing my absolute favorite post-Impression...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Leather Skirts

Leather skirts have this immediate power of basically making you look like a sex goddess. This is apparent on all catwalk shows of the last 50 years. In my view black is best, keep it short and tight and very very shiny, for that domitratix "I know everyone wants to be me right now" look. Joy and Annabel model this very well in the last shoot for Wandering Minds (@WaneringM) and you can follow what they are up to here:  
In 2009 we paired it with a loose silk top of all colours and textures, in 2011 we paired it with brights, in 2012 let's pair it with baggy pastel cotton patterned jumpers, boyfriend-esque Tees and jean shirts.

Lets look through some of the brilliant catwalk appearances which have allowed the Leather Skirt to shine:
From left to right: Matthew Williamson, Rag&Bone, Stærk, Zero Maria Cornejo S/S 2009 NY

Bally SS2012

Altuzarra SS 2011

Diesel ss2012

Add captionWandering Minds SS 2012

Wandering Minds SS 2012
Wandering Minds SS 2012