Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I went to what can only be called a burlesque show last night with a bunch of friends, as a change to our daily Edinburgh outings. Sadly Dita Von Teese was not there, although she is worth mentioning here for making burlesque a well known dance-performance mixing art with sexual oumph, rather then its strip-club like stereotypeness.

Dita Von Teese performs here at a burlesque strip tease at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, CA

Although burlesque has been around for nearly a century, with the likes of  Josephine Baker, in her famous "Banana Dance" costume, only recently has the style and sultriness been channeled into more everyday wear,
From the movie to the song,  Mouling Rouge, a hit back in PGL when i was 12 (Parents get Lost camp for kids who's parents don't know what to do with them what during the 4 month holidays), portrayed idols Pink and Cristina strutting their stuff

Albeit indirectly, Sonia ( I realise that in this blog I tend to mention Sonia and Vivi in every other post), channels some aspects of this burlesque appeal in her A/W 2011 show, a twist between burlesque-cabaret and anything tartan (last term in Edinburgh so better embrace it), as seen below:

Notice the female body is actually visible for once, with carefully chosen pink/red colour clashes, surrounded by lace, cotton fur, leather, metal belts, and perfectly sleaked back hair. LIKE

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