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Zoe Stevens

Jul 27, 2011

The best way to brighten up a cloudy day, as this Fashionista demonstrates nicely, is to dress your own skyline, where sky blues keep this outfit fresh and summery. Metallic touches were seen on many of the catwalks this spring, from Marc Jacobs to Rodarte and Ruffian. Zoe nails this trend with her metallic shoulder padded blazer and double strapped heels, which also add a '80s edge to the outfit. In contrast, the splashes of white paint on the long light blue silk dress and the red leather bag with a green print scarf attached add an artistic touch to an otherwise quite diva look.

CollegeFashionista: Talk me through your style influences.
Zoe Stevens: I spent my third year of University abroad in Paris, studying at La Sorbonne. I guess the Parisian students who were always immaculate, elegant and ready for any occasion impressed me. I took this way of dressing back with me to Edinburgh and now dress up and wear platform heels whether to class or to a bar or a club. I used to only wear this dress for formal affairs but with a high-waisted belt it works well for day wear too.
CF: So, Paris is your muse?
ZS: I guess so! More specifically Parisians like Vanessa Paradis and Chloë Sevigny who have their own distinctive individual style.

CF: Where do you find such original pieces?
ZS: I make sure to always keep an eye out for new quirky accessories such as my red old school satchel from Urban Outfitters and the scarf from a vintage fair, which keep my look individual and timeless.
How To: Keep things elegant and smart with bold metallic accessories such as Zoe’s heels, blazer and statement over the knee dress and contrast with casual touches such as a shoulder bag, black ankle leggings and belt to keep the look fit for any occasion.

Charlotte Toon

Jul 20, 2011

This Fashionista is powering the part Côte d'azur elegance, part preppy school chic in style. What stands out here is the carefully chosen monochrome pieces which inject a sexy yet tough attitude as seen in the fall collection for Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein, who are known for their simple but by no means plain attitude to dressing. The classic white tee and off-white chinos contrast perfectly the black fur plimsoles and leather jacket. Topped off with a beige cardigan and Burberry handbag, this Fashionista is ready for anything.

College Fashionista: Tell me Charlotte, what inspired your look for today?
Charlotte Toon: Well it is currently graduation week in Edinburgh so there has been a lot of celebrations happening. I chose this outfit as it is casual enough for daywear yet classy enough for evening drinks. I am constatly on the run so I need a versatile look that can work for any occasion.
CF: Thats interesting, tell me more about where your various items of clothing are from.
CT: Well the leather jacket is actually from River Island — a real bargain! The white tee is from Gap; they are my number one for classic affordable yet good quality pieces. The trousers and shoes are from Zara and the bag is Burberry — a present for graduation from my parents.
CF: And what about the various rings?
CT: The rings come from various different shops around the world. I collect rings the same way other people collect charms, each a memory of either my travels or a holiday abroad.
How To: To get Charlotte's look, keep colours to a minimum and layer different shades of white and black to keep your outfit classy yet fun and versatile. The classic loose white tee from Gap and black leather jacket are a must to complete this look. Charlotte accessorizes with a simple pearl necklace and a multitude of silver rings which add that extra touch of elegance.


Olivia Floyer

Jul 13, 2011

This Fashionista knows how to balance quirkiness and sophistication. Colour blocking being all the rage for spring/summer 2011, the tastefully chosen bright and bold red hat and bag make her outfit shine out. However, there is also something quite French in all this, what with the berret and navy blazer with gold button detail, which give Olivia the air of a Parisian student walking back from La Sorbonne. Underneath all of the glamour, Olivia wears a very original floral print playsuit topped with striped black tights and black leather boots with a gold buckle detail.

CollegeFashionista: Tell me Olivia, what are your style inspirations for this outfit?
Olivia Floyer: Well a lot of what I wear is a bit of a mish mash from things I have picked up in nearby shops in Edinburgh or abroad. I guess I quite enjoy matching prints with bold colours and being quite outrageous whilst shopping means I end up with quite an individual look.
CF: Where in particular do you enjoy shopping?
OF: I like to shop in charity shops or thirft stores and carboot sales, as well as vintage shops if I'm feeling realy in the mood. I find high street stores a bit overwhelming and also quite like the challenge of finding a very good piece of clothing on the cheap and customising it to my fit.
CF: That does sound challenging, where were the items you are presently wearing from then?
OF: Well the Berret I bought in a charity shop in Edinburgh, the playsuit is actually from Beyond Retro in Stokholm, the shoes are my mums from the '80s and the bag my mum actually brought back from India for me! As for the blazer, it is actually a child's jacket I bought from a closing down vintage shop and changed the buttons to these bright and gold ones to give it that extra edge!
How To: To get Olivia's look, keeping well on-trend without it being over the top, be bold with accessories in bright reds but keep the whole look fun with interesting statement pieces such as the navy blazer, print playsuit and striped tights.

Sophie Furse

Jul 06, 2011

This Fashionista, Sophie, oozes sophistication in this brilliantly bold outfit. The dark black round necked tee and blue skinny jeans are typically an American classic and are ever so flattering while remaining stylish yet simple. This look allows for the arabian inspired golden silk lined jacket and tailored shoes in the style of Alexa Chung to stand out more then ever. It is interesting to note the carefully chosen details to this outfit, such as the trousers being at ankle grazer length, in a typically Isabel Marant jean mania way.

CollegeFashionista: Tell me Sophie, where did you procure your jacket and shoes?
Sophie Furse: Well, my jacket is actually an old staple piece of my mother's in the early '80s, which she recently gave to me as a graduation present. I think it's great and completely brights up any old look. My brogues are actually brand new from Topshop.
CF: Wow, it seems as though you are good at spotting key pieces.
SF: Actually, I am not really a big shopper and don't really enjoy high street, so I always make sure if and when I do spot something I like to go with my first instinct and buy it. Also, I think it's crucial to shop alone so that other people's opinions do not influence your buying too much. After all, its for you not them!
CF: Very good tip, how do you manage to keep all together?
SF: I am a bit quirky at times but I do, however, always make sure to keep the colours to a minimum. You can go pattern crazy but colour clashing is a definite no-no for a good overall outfit.
How To: To get Sophie's quirky yet minimal chic look, rememeber to keep it caual in navy jeans and flat brogues, but liven it up with elements of carefully chosen textures and patterns such as Sophie's vintage jacket. Although the whole appears very simple, she accessorizes this outfit up with a dishevelled retro leather satchel style bag, which definitely has an East London Vibe.

Alice McMahon Major

June 29, 2011

This girl knows how to dress to impress. From top to toe, she exudes style and sophistication. The bowler hat, big sunglasses and jet straight dark hair give out a serious vibe with a hint of costume-inspired fun. In shades of black, brown and plum, she appears to come straight out of a Diane von Fustenberg Gotham girl-inspired shoot, with a mix of '30s chic and '70s glam, layering dark tones under a long beige coat with a faux fur finish. However, there is also a hint of American Western cowgirl here, what with the cowboy boots, chunky metal belt and tassle black shawl. Although the end picture is relaxed, every detail to the outfit is meticulously taken into account, from the plum red lips matching the long cotton dress, to the thoughtfully placed under the chest belt, which elongates her already tall frame.

CollegeFashionista: What are your style inspirations?
Alice McMahon Major: I spent my summer in a ranch in Colorado for my anthropology dissertation and was fascinated by the cowgirl-inspired looks, which have not ceased in this area of the world. I guess I am also inspired at the moment by Boy George, Annie Hall and Rayanne Gaff — all outrageous and iconic in their own way.
CF: Tell me more about where you found some of these key pieces of clothing.
AMM: In terms of the outfit, its all a bit of a mish-mash: the hat was one euro from a vintage shop in Paris, the belt is from Oxfam and the boots are from Texas.The dress is from Hennes, the cardigan is my sisters and the jacket is vintage from New York. 

CF: What advice would you give to other Fahsionistas trying to channel your look?
AMM: The key is to not be scared off by outrageous quirky accessories and never wear top to toe from one shop. Mixing and matching keeps your style individual and way more intriguing.
How To: To get Alice’s look, you need to be confident and daring — ready to mix and match different styles whilst keeping the colours to a minimum, to keep the complete look stylish yet serious. Remain open to new shops from high street buys to charity shop bargains to one off key vintage pieces such as her cowboy boots and black hat.


Georgina Innes

Jun 22, 2011,

Polka-dots were seen on many catwalk shows for S/S 2011, from Giles to Max Mara and Fendi. Moschino opted for big bold dots in a red background, such as those presently rocked by Georgina. The '40s style high-waisted long skirt with black shirt, black tights and brown lace-up boots keep this otherwise summery look ready for Edinburgh’s more harsh weather conditions. Georgina seems ready for a picnic in the Meadows, yet this is in contrast to her short cropped hair and distressed '80s jean jacket which give her an Edie Sedgiwck vibe. The lack of jewellery and makeup keeps her casual and very natural.

CollegeFashionista: So, Georgina, tell me a bit more about yourself. What brought you to the look you are presently rocking?
Georgina Innes: Well, actually, I tend to just go with my mood. I draw up the curtains from my room and if its sunny enough I try to stay bright and fresh. I do like patterns and I found this lovely skirt from a vintage shop in Haymarket for a mere three pounds, so I just had to get it.
CF: Have you always had short hair or is this a new statement?
GI: I cut it short when I went away to India last summer and I found it so much easier to manage and i quite like how it frames my face more.
How To: To follow Georgina's mood styling during the summer period think bright and bold colors, which work perfectly against a dark background with a black shirt, especially with patterns such as with this polka-dot skirt.

Julia Fraser

Jun 15, 2011

I caught up with a fourth year Psychology undergraduate on the way to the library. She caught my eye for her effortless style in that typically Sienna Miller-esque way. Channelling the busy city girl look, every item on its own has no particular impact yet the whole gives out “the just rolled out of bed ” slightly grungy/vintage understated appearance. The wavy long blond hair under a black cloche hat with a little feather popping out on the side is fun and perfect for Edinburgh’s endless indecisive forecast. The cotton monochrome potato bag shaped dress and slightly oversized distressed black leather jacket is very grungy cool and could encumber her petite frame, but the shortness of the dress emphasize her long legs in thick black tights and lace up brown vintage leather boots, remaining casual yet flattering.

Me: Tell me a bit more about your various bags:  
Julia Fraser: Well, I am carrying my library books in a recycled canvas shopping bag and I am using my grandma’s triangle shaped old brown camera holder as a handbag.

Me: And where do you find these original clothing items?
JF: I enjoy finding second hand bargains and customizing my clothes which I buy from charity shops to give them a bit more of a tailored fit, such as the dress she got from a market in Cambodia which I shortened myself