Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coulour Blocking, Tartan Scotland Bunker Black

             EDINBURGH- Julia and Samwise, the Meadows, 15/05/11 
The perfect attire for a walk in sunny meadows.
Julia Coat: Zara, Edinburgh. Shoes, Ben Simon, Paris
Samwise  Coat:Womans Duffle, not sure where from actually.                                                

 EDINBURGH- Sophie and Nick, George Square, 15/05/11
Scottish Students.
Nick Shirt: Italian supermarket. Glasses: shop in Stoke Newington  (Asquarawa?). Trousers: HnM

Sophie Scarf: Frans, Accessorize. Shirt: Urban  Outfitters. Shoes: Beyond Retro Mens Section (Stokholm). Bag: Stokholm 

EDINBURGH- Charlotte, Quartermile, 15/05/11

 EDINBURGH- Fran and Michael, Outside microlabs, 15/05/11
Dark and Dramatic
Charlotte: Dress, Topshop. Scarf, India. Wallet, Osprey. Shoes, Kurt Geiger.
Michael: Coffee, Peter's Yard.

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