Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leggings and stuff

These two lovely ladies made my day.
EDINBURGH- Caroline and Jas, The Meadows, 19/05/11
Caroline: Broach: Great Aunt. Cardi, Topshop. Shirt dress, Topshop. Bag, Crafty shop in Castle Douglas. 
Jas: Jumper, armstrong. Leggins, Urban Outfitters. Bag, Flee market in Berlin. Hair cut, Medusa, Teviot road.

EDINBURGH- Alice, The bunker, 20/04/2011
 ALice- Bag, Mulberry. Shoes, Doc Martens, 3 pounds from a charity shop! Dress, Charity Shop.Leggings,Primark.Coat, GAP.

Leggings are great, they can really make an outfit wild and funkily-fresh. I especially like the oversized jumper look here that Jas is rocking. The Baby Blue Doc Martens, Vibrant red dress and Flower power dress rocked by Alice below is just great too. Other leggings that rock it up big style: D&G and Victor and Wolf for crazy patterns Henry Hollandesque prints, Rodarte for class.

D&G Fall 2011

 Victor and Wolf, SS 2008
Maxi Monochrome  and Mini multicolour bag to fit. Hilarious

Rodarte, SS 2008
Diamond frenzy.

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