Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Culotte or not to Culotte

EDINBURGH- Alice, outside Microlabs (aka the bunker),13/04/2011
Culotte, somewhere uber cool I am sure

EDINBURGH- Hannah, Peter's Yard, 13/04/11
Culotte: Rusty Zip, Edinburgh
EDINBURGH- Margot, The Quartermile, 18/05/11
Culotte: Charity shop.
You can never go wrong with a good pair of Culotte, they never go out of fashion because they were never in fashion in the first place. So no faux-pas here possible, it's not like accidentally showing off the wrong part of your midriff (apparently upper midriff is where its at, smallest part of you body so make the most of it), or worse, wearing skinny jeans when it's all about the seventies wide-legged look. Embrace the CULOTTE, it can't go wrong, although being such powerful statements I am taking note of these two stylish Edinburgh Students and keeping the rest clean and classic with a high-neck black jumper, thick black tights, and sleek back hair.

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