Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gothic travels

I was going through the Met Gala pictures, and as usual, everyone looks stunning etc.. but i seem to be drawn to the more gothic like dresses. There is something so daring about this purple coloured Gucci number, on Evan's delicate skin, which makes her stand out like a juicy plum waiting to be eaten. Mary-kate is familiar with the look, and never fails to impress with her straddly beach-blond hair and bejewelled pieces, although here her dress takes over her petite frame. Christiina Ricci on the other hand went all out with this spider web affair custom-made by Zac Posen.With many designers opting for the gothic look this season, it is to no surprise the dark dresses are standing out.

Evan Rachel Wood, Met Gala 2011

Christina Ricci, Met Galla 2011

The debate remains as to how far and how transferable a look this is. A sudden urge to reproduce this look in everyday wear has probably lurred me into procuring Gothic jewellery, check out these little numbers from Lanvin's fall 2011 collection.

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