Thursday, April 3, 2014

Night Till Light

In preparation for the Night.... We created a little Video...


I like this too much

Video Content Marketing

What: A medium for showcasing but also a product that needs to be advertised. All Video channels are coming together more and more. What is a Video Channel and what is Video Content? Who’s owning the video space? It’s a free for all ATM for video content. But what is it? Digital experiences, viral ads… A massive confusion but also an opportunity for video content to define it’s own “What is it?”
Why: Video content is a channel not just something you just do.

Different types of marketing Agencies creating Video Content:
Digital agencies: fast cheap reactive, It’s a disposable element to what they do. As part of their brand work, it’s always on (Eg: Could be broadcast maybe only once on a Social Channel).
Content agencies: Considering it a lot more. Web publishers. Already have the channels (Mainly YouTube or Website hosting YouTube Videos) and the audience, they are implementing video content.
Traditional agencies: looking at video as an ad-on to campaigns
Video agencies: dedicated fully to being video agencies (nowadays they are also calling themselves content agencies

Video Channels:
YouTube is the clear winner in terms of hours watched
Campaigns are now being created with YouTube at the heart. (Eg: The Dove ad)

Types of Video Content:
After a bit of research I found that this is actually a model initially developed by YouTube’s Chris Bailes, so is very much relevant to YouTube
Hero content: Connects to brand launches (e.g: Live unboxing eg: “live test” videos)
Hub content: Regularly scheduled push content designed for your prospective customer. This content typically has a lower video production value than Hero content, but is longer and more episodic in nature – the perfect format to dig deeper into your brand identity and core value propositions. Hub content is where you talk in detail about what your brand stands for and what your customers are interested in.
Hygiene content: Hygiene content is the short, ‘always on’ content designed to continuously engage your brands target audience to keep them informed and engaged. The focus of this content is usually on education, and the emphasis is placed more on the information value than production value (Eg: How Tos, i.e.: looking for cooking ideas… Product tutorials)
A mix of all three is important to reach out to your whole audience

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Check this out:

Radi-Aid: Africa has united to send radiators to Norway to help them through the cold winter. They even have a celebrity sing-a-long!

But it's fake. 

A coalition of aid organisations in Norway wanted to bring attention to the misrepresentation of Africa in the media, so they created this fake campaign to give us all a taste of what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a condescending, shallow, pointless, feel good charity campaign.

A successful campaign in my opinion, where the end product is instantly engaging.

It’s true: we tend to generalise Africa as a continent that suffers,