Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's All WHITE

White is the best colour to show off your tan. I don't tan very well so white is actually the only colour which shows I have changed colour, mainly a reddish pink. The weather sucks here in London, but there are ways of working around this. I am not a huge fan of distinguishing between different seasons and what and what not to wear, if a dress suits you, there is always a way to make sure you can wear it the day you want to wear it, even if it is white. I really really like what Simone Rocha came out with at Autumn/Winter London Fashion week, a mixture of bold colours, focusing on white above all, and an eclectic mix of shapes with a lace finish, which can suit any season. Coupled with bulky lace-ups and long eye-covering fringes (this is not a must, I do like to see), she has ticked the right box for getitng through the end of this beautiful London summer. Wandering Minds designer Beny & Hizzin offer a Simone Rocha-esque capsule collection with whiter than white lace dresses and shorts to tickle your fancy.

Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others

Like every Londoner, I am not a huge fan of pigeons. It's nice that, the magazine that champions creativity, have just brought to my attention the work of two Photographers, Julian Charrierre and Julius Von Bismarcke, who have managed to give them a new lease of life, and colour.  The piece is called Some Pigeons Are More Equal Than Others (note: they have actually been painted, it's not photoshop, and they were not harmed during the process.