Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kristen McMenamy and Grey Hair

Known for her outrageous statements, Kristen spearheaded a new look in the early 90s by shaving off her eyebrows and cropping her hair, is now ditching the hair dye and opting for a more natural Grey hair look. She gives out the air of the witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, especially in this shoot for Dazed and Confused in massive fur coats and boots. She exudes confidence in an eery sort of way, no wonder Lady Gaga, Pixie Geldof, Lindsay Lohan and co are upping their bathroom bleach time.

Kristen Mcmenamy, 45 and still Modeling.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pamela Love, Eddie Borgo and Homebase Jewelry

American Eddie Borgo, winning second place at CFDA VOGUE FASHION FUND AWARDS, started up his own jewlery line, in the same generation of designers such as Pamela Love, as mentioned below, but also Tom Binns, Delfina Delettrez and Ligia Dias, breathing new air to jewelry with vintage inspired designs with a gothic twist. Eddie Borgo's geometric punk inspired cone bracelet here remains precious and beautiful using white gold to create the iconic piece. There is something quite Damien Hurst in all this, with fashion and art merging quite comfortably. He is launching a special line of seven pieces all in Pink Gold as well as collaborating with J.Crew (as worn by Atlanta on the Post below) which will be presented at the next CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. His Spring/Summer padlock themed collection as modelled by Giovanna Battagli in a Frida Khalo insprired look, is quirkier then ever, with chains and padlocks taking over her body.

 Giovanna Battaglia in Eddie Borgo jewelry for US Vogue. Photo: Paul Maffi

 Eddie Borgo Orchid Cuff Fall 2011

Recently interviewed by French Vogue, the New York based designer and drummer started up her own jewlery line in 2006 after working as an assistant to painter Francesco Cement. Her new Spring 2011 Collection is typically grungy, with African American influences. Rumours say she will also be designing some more affordable pieces for Topshop, in what is being called a Secret Store confirmed to be located either in NYC or London. The collection is typically Pamela, with Dream Catchers galore, and a more light-hearted folk themed southwestern design with hearts and arrow covered necklaces and bracelets.
 Pamela Love pictured here for French Vogue wearing her designs.
In Chanel Sabot, check out Post on Clogs below
Pamela Love Jewelery

 Pamela Love for Topshop, the Secret Store

 Tom Bins is like the Ready Made of jewlery designing. Safety Pins, baricade wire, you name it, he's made it into jewlery, and Gold Plated it. Makes you kind of want to just jump to Homebase, pick up a few items and and wear them.

 Tom Binns Jewelry

Homebase Jewelry

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meadows chic

Really loving the navy vibe going on here. Anika in her high waisted, side-buttoned bright blue cotton short and her friend in Miss sixty bell bottomed jeans. AND RUBY ROUGE HAIR IN ALL CORNERS. In french wide-legged trousers are called Pattes d'Elephants, is elephants feet, which is probably not a good selling name but represents more how fun they are. Topped off with blue converses and a stripey red and white top its all just totally funky fresh!

 EDINBURGH- Annika and Friend, The meadows, 19-05-11

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These lovely ladies know how to work their colour. Atlanta pairs her salmon jeans well with her khaki blazer and knitwear whilst Jess's playful patterned white skirt is kept in check with a pastel green lace detailed top and fierce black espadrilles from Stockholm. These girls bring out the Summer in Edinburgh, which seems to have sadly disappeared recently. The bitches jet setted to France soon as exams were over. Boo! In detail I also pictured Atlanta's funky detailed gold ring and her perfectly manicured pale red nails, which add a little bling to her outfit!

EDINBURGH- Atlanta, Outside Olly Bongo's, 11/05/11
EDINBURGH- Jess, OUtside Olly Bongos, 11/05/11

Power Women

 EDINBURGH- MIhiri and Charlotte, the Library, 10-05-11
These girls are seriously working the library work hard, play hard look, with minimal color but with maximum effect. Mihiri contrasts her dark trousers an accessories with a loosely fitted white shirt, whilst Charlotte opts for beige chinos and loose khaki jumper with eye catching details such as the black plimsoles, frilled pashmina, leather jacket and high powered pony tail.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bright Socks anyone?

From the 90s super bright, super short super bold super models, to Beyonce's knee high neons and hot pants, a bit of the bright and bold won't do anyone harm. Clogs and tie-die, form Wild Ones in Camden, is a must for the summer, or when trecking (not likely for me) you can mix and match with your anorak! Whilst writting this I fell so in love with idea of tye die socks i searched the internet to find LINDA's blog, who models and sells clothes.

Love Linda

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition London 12th of March to 10th of July 2011 V&A

The exhibition at the V&A uses video, photography and sample pieces from Yamamoto’s start in fashion to his modern day collection to capture the essence of his work and impact on fashion in the last 50 years. Yohji, after finishing a law degree at the capital decided he would rather help his mother, a seamstress providing the only income of the family. His mother however thought it would be best to learn the trade professionally so as to be taken seriously by her fellow seamstresses.  He therefore studied at Bunkafukuso Gakuin school of fashion. Following success in Japan, he decided to present his collection in Paris in 1981 and the rest is history. What is interesting in Yohji’s work is his constant battle with the norms of what women and men are expected to wear. The exhibition provides insight on the boundaries he crosses, typically with men in long kilt like skirts and woman in tailored over sized suits. He also made an impact on fashion photography, giving life to the clothes by capturing them in motion. He changed the way clothes are displayed on the catwalk, opting for less formal shows with models coming out of all corners, with the audience dotted around the room. Yohji stands out from the fashion crowd for his eccentricity, making fashion an art form. 

S/S 2008

 Yellow strapless silk dress and oversized coolie hat covered with draped silk, Yohji Yamamoto, Spring/Summer 1997
 V&A 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011


Its the legs, I mean, you know? The loosely held Rucksack, beige cardi and rolled up shorts or jeans and white converse show off the best in this girl. Hair tied back or down and paired with geeky glasses, what's not to love?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Taking Tartan to a whole new level

This girl not only found a bargain, but left the shop with her purchase as, she says, if she did not have the guts to wear it straight away then would she ever? This beautiful floor-length Tartan skirt came from the Salvation Army on Forest road, where there is presently a 15% discount for students!  Rocking the look with a disheveled purple knitted jumper and antique jewellery, she appears casual but oh so bohemian chic. It is to no shock then that she is an art student at Edinburgh University, check out Anna's blog here.

EDINBURGH- Anna, Outside Bunker, 06/05/11

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Understated Urbanites

EDINBURGH- Anna and Julia, Outside Peter's Yard, 2/05/11
Ray Bans out in Style

EDINBURGH- Joy, outside Nile Valley, 27/04/11
Detail: Stripey tights and studded black leather boots contrast well with the girly red and white polka dot skirt and big red jumper and denim jacket.

EDINBURGH- Marie, Outside Peter's Yard, 01/05/11
 Her baby pink Chanel bag, hand knitted matching scarf and glasses contrast against her dark dress, coat and tights to keep the pink sophisticated rather then Legally Blonde-esque. Details not to miss: The shiny lace-up plimsolls!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2011

If this year's degree show is anything to go by, ECA definitely produces strong designers with original pieces which comes across well from the eclectic mix of style and materials used. Starting off was a stunning summer collection, with a strapless flowing floor length number, to which the designer Hannah Cumming reveals her inspiration came from travelling in South America. A general divide between the bright and bold sunny yellows, oranges and pastel blue details made contrast with the autumn collections. These focused more on tailored cuts, with high necklines, pleated skirts and clashing materials with a leather/lace finish in somber metallic colors, all in a Marni-esque fashion, with for the first time in 15 years, a menswear collection was presented by Felix Chabluk Smith following this trend, who also won the BFC/Burberry competition. Knitting was favoured among 3 designers, opting for asymmetric Vivienne Westwood inspired body clutching pieces. The floor length floral designs stood out from the rest, for their lightness and longevity. Overall, the show was a success. Some behind the scene footage can be viewed on The Clothes Whisperer who followed Laura's work. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gothic travels

I was going through the Met Gala pictures, and as usual, everyone looks stunning etc.. but i seem to be drawn to the more gothic like dresses. There is something so daring about this purple coloured Gucci number, on Evan's delicate skin, which makes her stand out like a juicy plum waiting to be eaten. Mary-kate is familiar with the look, and never fails to impress with her straddly beach-blond hair and bejewelled pieces, although here her dress takes over her petite frame. Christiina Ricci on the other hand went all out with this spider web affair custom-made by Zac Posen.With many designers opting for the gothic look this season, it is to no surprise the dark dresses are standing out.

Evan Rachel Wood, Met Gala 2011

Christina Ricci, Met Galla 2011

The debate remains as to how far and how transferable a look this is. A sudden urge to reproduce this look in everyday wear has probably lurred me into procuring Gothic jewellery, check out these little numbers from Lanvin's fall 2011 collection.