Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pamela Love, Eddie Borgo and Homebase Jewelry

American Eddie Borgo, winning second place at CFDA VOGUE FASHION FUND AWARDS, started up his own jewlery line, in the same generation of designers such as Pamela Love, as mentioned below, but also Tom Binns, Delfina Delettrez and Ligia Dias, breathing new air to jewelry with vintage inspired designs with a gothic twist. Eddie Borgo's geometric punk inspired cone bracelet here remains precious and beautiful using white gold to create the iconic piece. There is something quite Damien Hurst in all this, with fashion and art merging quite comfortably. He is launching a special line of seven pieces all in Pink Gold as well as collaborating with J.Crew (as worn by Atlanta on the Post below) which will be presented at the next CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. His Spring/Summer padlock themed collection as modelled by Giovanna Battagli in a Frida Khalo insprired look, is quirkier then ever, with chains and padlocks taking over her body.

 Giovanna Battaglia in Eddie Borgo jewelry for US Vogue. Photo: Paul Maffi

 Eddie Borgo Orchid Cuff Fall 2011

Recently interviewed by French Vogue, the New York based designer and drummer started up her own jewlery line in 2006 after working as an assistant to painter Francesco Cement. Her new Spring 2011 Collection is typically grungy, with African American influences. Rumours say she will also be designing some more affordable pieces for Topshop, in what is being called a Secret Store confirmed to be located either in NYC or London. The collection is typically Pamela, with Dream Catchers galore, and a more light-hearted folk themed southwestern design with hearts and arrow covered necklaces and bracelets.
 Pamela Love pictured here for French Vogue wearing her designs.
In Chanel Sabot, check out Post on Clogs below
Pamela Love Jewelery

 Pamela Love for Topshop, the Secret Store

 Tom Bins is like the Ready Made of jewlery designing. Safety Pins, baricade wire, you name it, he's made it into jewlery, and Gold Plated it. Makes you kind of want to just jump to Homebase, pick up a few items and and wear them.

 Tom Binns Jewelry

Homebase Jewelry

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