Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview with Lady Lace at Relevant

Lady Lace! Where to start with this one, internationally educated creative art student turned burlesque dancer turned vintage shop owner, Lady Lace is the master of all alternative trades, and has the most brilliant humour, enthusiasm and go-getter attitude, you can't not love her.

I eagerly asked if I could interview the lovely Lady, as part of my first of many interviews following the 22 year old recession stressed "what are you up to now" generation. Let's be honest, we are all secretly stalking one another to find out what everyone is up to now... and there has been many interesting "ous and ahhs and wows" when talking about this Missy. 
So here it goes:

 1: Who are you? My name is Willow Hilson, but I usually go under my previous stage name of Lady Lace around here.

2: Where do you call home and what makes it special?  For the longest time I could not answer that question. I grew up in South East Asia between Singapore and Indonesia. So home was wherever my parents decided it to be. Now that I am older, I just associate home with where the sweetest cup of tea is, and right now that's Exeter.

3: What do you do? I am currently working on a new project, I have just recently hung my stockings up and decided that it was time  to run my own Vintage shop in Exeter. So here I am! There is a great gap in the market for affordable vintage and I think I have really got a good thing going on ! Relevant (on Twitter too!) is like the new step in my life.  Having been a Burlesque Dancer for so long, Its definelty a change from the hot spotlight of the stage. I like to Think Relevant offers a small city like Exeter the opportunity to broaden it's horizons and discover new things. Much like Exeter has done for me. From Vintage to Modern Fashion we cater for everything and everyone. The best part of Relevant is the pricing, you won't find more affordable when it comes to vintage !

4: Whats the best part of your day? I don't have a best part, I usually tend to just love everyday, the whole way through? From the moment the shop doors open till the moment they close. Every customer always comes in with a smile and the shop is always full of giggling ladies trying on outrageous outfits or perfect dress. Do you remember than scene from Narnia where they walk into the wardrobe? that is my average day with added coffee obviously !. You open the door, battled through clothes,  and then find the most amazing coat ! It's like a giant dress up box and everyone get's to join in !
5: Who are your role models? This is a hard question, I don't think you really need role models. Why be a cheap imitation when you can be a perfect original?

6: Where are your favorite hang out places? This is also a very hard question, it varies in my moods and my outfits. If I am going for more of a retro vintage inspired look I tend to lurk around  dark couches in the Bikeshed, it's the perfect bar for cocktails and interesting conversations.

Oh we do love her,

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