Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grace Raiment and Wandering Minds

I'm the social media "aid" for Wandering Minds, and I love it. I have always had a love for seeking out the latest fashion trends and styles in and around my home town, London. Elisa has allowed this to expand on a much grander scale. Her trip to Asia has inspired us all to walk out of our London bubble and check out how they do it elsewhere, and my gosh are they experimental! As described earlier on the Wandering Minds blog, I'm the one that is good at getting overly excited and hyper, but Elisa is the one that gets things done. Currently I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think will give us the edge that makes us stand out from other online stores. Our focus is more on sharing the experience: highs and lows of a fahsion start-up. For this, we have collaborated with film school studuent Gaelle to create a behind the scenes video of our first ever photoshoot (soon to be released here), and we are also collaborating with a very cool group of London College of Fashion students to give you the behind the scenes coverage of our next shoot, which will have a more urban emphasis. I have had a sneak peek at the clothes which will form part of this new colllection and its hard for me to keep it all secret, all I can say for now is we have sleek-cuts and bold designs made from exceedingly good quality fabrics. Ok fine, so here are a few items we just had to share with you, check them out!
The description of the dress from the website says it all: " This white summer dress with thin red stripes is like a posh girl who's a sexy vixen deep down. The pleated skirt is its conservative, good girl side, while the deep neckline adds a beautifully seductive touch to this truly unique number. The high-quality cotton is slightly rigid but flexible so that the dress keeps its shape. Designed by Seoul-based young designer Grace Raiment, this very special dress will make boys and girls' heads turn, for different reasons."

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