Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wandering Minds

This is reblogged from the Blog Our Wandering Minds, which follows the behind the scenes of a London Fashion Start Up (you can also folow them on Twitter here:

Seoul Spring/Summer Collection Photoshoot

Yesterday, we had our first ‘editorial’ photoshoot of the season; it went really well, thanks to great team effort and a chilled and fun atmosphere; it was all laughter, muddy walks in the park to get some cool shots, excessive tweeting and networking and greasy pizza eating.
We shot our first spring-summer collection of the year,  which is a great little capsule collection that we bought during our latest trip to Seoul just a week ago. Seoul style is all about playful, slightly boyish, easy-to-wear pieces, and we tried to reflect this mood in our photoshoot; we layered floral dresses with hoodies and other trendy sporty separates, preppy knitwear with a bohemian twist, colourful wooly socks and can’t-live-without lace-up ankle boots.
Roxane ‘Hi-I’m-Roxane’ Haydon, Denny ‘The Hunk’ Lv and myself gathered a wonderfully diverse team of people; it was a great reflection of what the London fashion scene is like these days: Clara, our super talented peruvian photographer and her assistants; Erica, mexican make-up artist who has a solid career both in Paris and London, an expert at the whole natural beauty look and great fun to be with; our models, Amanda Renberg, our swedish stunner, all big blue eyes and alluring pout, is also an actress and refreshingly clever and normal; Joy, Roxane’s friend from Edinburgh University, rushed between two trains to attend our shoot; she arrived looking all sweet and innocent, and ended up looking like sex on legs, while managing to also look intelligent and utterly cool; Gaelle, a friend from school who now attends film school in London, quirky and quiet (a great combination) filmed the whole shoot and is now creating a behind-the-scene video.
Here’s a small selection of non-retouched shots from yesterday.

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