Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diane Von Fustenberg and Gucci

When ever I see fashion with a 70s twist it reminds me of how much I wish I could pull this off on a daily basis. In a way its like going back to the classics, Big fur coat, big sunglasses, tan boots, and sometimes a bit of a ruffle and some sheerness here and there. Diane Von Fustenberg gets it just right on her new Spring 2011 show, using very strong yet matt colours. No shininess here, everything remains quite dark and sophisticated. I love the dark green and plum purples, and the long black goth dresses with a twist. As she puts it, the girls exude seriousness whilst retaining "panache". Looking at the shows best pieces, you can see how New York would be the best place to show these.

Gucci also emulates this look perfectly

Of course it would be impossible to dismiss her show without mentioning the beautifull prints. My mum recently gave me a Diane skirt she no longer wears which, like man of Diane's clothes had a slit in the front which made it slightly too revealing for everyday wear. The skirt it beautifull for the print which stands out among everything.

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