Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's All WHITE

White is the best colour to show off your tan. I don't tan very well so white is actually the only colour which shows I have changed colour, mainly a reddish pink. The weather sucks here in London, but there are ways of working around this. I am not a huge fan of distinguishing between different seasons and what and what not to wear, if a dress suits you, there is always a way to make sure you can wear it the day you want to wear it, even if it is white. I really really like what Simone Rocha came out with at Autumn/Winter London Fashion week, a mixture of bold colours, focusing on white above all, and an eclectic mix of shapes with a lace finish, which can suit any season. Coupled with bulky lace-ups and long eye-covering fringes (this is not a must, I do like to see), she has ticked the right box for getitng through the end of this beautiful London summer. Wandering Minds designer Beny & Hizzin offer a Simone Rocha-esque capsule collection with whiter than white lace dresses and shorts to tickle your fancy.

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