Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Masters of Style, Celebrating the Stories Behind Italian Fashion

"2011 marks 150 years since Italy became a unified nation which has subsequently created some of the world's most famous artists, industrialists and designers". These were the words to describe the exhibition. Although, yes, to a certain extent, it was enjoyable to walk around looking at photographs of advertisements for these high-end fashion houses, the exhibition lacked heart and soul. The gallery itself being a glaring white background for photographs which tell a story from a far away country, seemed detached from anything portrayed. Each picture although beautiful in itself, with much craftsmanship put into each final end product, was described in a paragraph which did not aid to describe but more explained the running to the photograph. Although disappointing, there were some little gems which really stood out, mainly old photographs taken at an era dating back to Italy's more charming side with photographs representing campains which sold a mood rather then an accessory, here are some of my favourites.





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