Sunday, January 30, 2011


It seems as though like everything else, even the colour of your hair goes through fads. Highlights, lowlights? Tints? And now Red is Big. I think pulling off red hair can be hard at times but if you do it well, its really quite striking. Given that there is a much higher awareness of skin cancer, fake tan and blond highlights have disappeared and given way to this all year round look.


Again, Grace coddington is to mention here, with her deep ginger look which makes her even more mysterious.

As well as Sonia Rykiel, who took the idea even further and pushed us to think twice about our everlasting love hate relationship with the frenzy that is our hair:

and last but not least, the dame of all dames, VIVI

Of course Vivi opted for a Bright Orange, rather then even trying to bother with the natural look. And she has a point, if you are going to fake it, might as well go bright, 

Ou Na Na Na Na Na

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